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I am a Christian. Christian is defined by C. S. Lewis as, "One who accepts the common doctrines of Christianity." In my view, however, a Christian is someone who strives in his everyday life to be like Christ. I think this encapsulates the Christian by showing what his prime purpose is in everything that he does. So, my goal for this page is to show the reasons as to why I believe what I do, and to show some of what others believe as well. If you have any questions about any of these topics, or think my reasoning is flawed, I am always open to a good discussion. Feel free to e-mail me.

I. Is there a God?
I think that this is probably the number one question that everyone needs to answer for themselves. In my mind there is more than enough evidence to show the existence of God outside our own lives. Here it is in no particular order:
A. Moral Conscience:
Everyone, whether they want to admit it or not, has a conscience. In a world where people try to get away with doing whatever they want to, there has always been a conscience to guide us. If not conscience, where did the ideas of right and wrong even come up? Looking back to the beginnings of civilization we see that there were nomadic, tribal societies. Even these societies knew that it was "wrong" to kill another human being. Going further, they also had the same basic "rules" with which to govern society. These rules show that no matter where you go in the world, even those "untouched" tribes in South America or wherever, they still have the same basic rules. Another reason for conscience is found through the existence of guilt. Now, guilt can be overcome through training, but everyone feels guilty when they do something wrong. Where does this guilt come from? The only plausible answer is the standard (conscience) that he/she has failed to reach.
B. Complexity of Life:
1. Life as we know it today has become very complicated. However, even in it's earliest stages, such as the single celled bacteria, it remains very complex. The simplest part of life that we have found so far is DNA. It is evident in every form of life that we know of. Thus, let's take a look at the stastical probablity of DNA being created randomly. Essentially, it is approximately the same as putting all the parts of a Boeing 747 into a giant bag, and shaking it up until it forms a completely assembled 747. In this case, the probability is so low, that it has absolutely no chance of actually happening, no matter how long you shake the bag. Nevertheless, there is a very small chance, which some people accept. I however, take the negative standpoint and think that it will never happen. Thus, the evolution of life from primordial doesn't make sense. So, where did life come from?

2. Is there a design that consistently shows itself through nature? Yes. Among other things look at the Golden Rule (5:8 proportion).
C. Existence of Matter:
This is probably the simplest, yet the most mind-boggling point. Where did matter come from? Is matter eternal? I choose that it isn't because nothing physical is eternal. Matter by its own nature decays.